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    Since its establishment in 2013, the company has always adhered to the strategic development path of technology first  talents first. Under the guidance of the company's general manager, a professional team of high-quality optical design R&D  laser application was born. This is an average age of only Thirty-year-old young team, this is a highly sophisticated team all with high education.

   The purpose of the team is  to shrink back in the face of difficulties   to be proud of the results. The team has independently completed the following projects: double-headed SD card laser cutting equipment; camera module cutting  mounting equipment; double-head cover film cutting equipment; automatic sapphire cutting  splitting equipment; large-format thick glass cutting equipment; FPC laser cutting equipment  other projects , These projects are unanimously praised by customers.


Professionalism  focus are our essence

Customer satisfaction is our pursuit

   INTE Laser has the fastest picosecond  femtosecond micro-nano application laboratory in the world, involving a full range of infrared, full ultraviolet  green light series. One proof is one entrust,  one solution is trust. Relying on the production base in Huizhou, the company has set up branch offices in East China, Central China  North China with Shenzhen headquarters as the center, in order to serve the domestic market.

    A full-process modern management method includes an efficient  convenient business liaison mechanism  efficient experimental testing, combined with a strong production  assembly base  global management support capabilities. These are the secrets of INTE Laser's rapid growth,  the magic weapon for the company's multiplied growth,  an important factor for customers to choose long-term cooperation.








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