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Use the advantages of talents  tolerate their shortcomings.

Technology is the key productivity,  talent is the core resource.

Inte Laser upholds that talents are the foundation of enterprise development  competition. It regards talents as the primary resource of the enterprise, relies on talents as the fundamental prerequisite for enterprise development,  respects talents as the fundamental criterion for enterprise development.

At the same time, we use other effective ways to continuously improve the level of corporate human resource management  the comprehensive quality of talents, promote the mutual development of the company  employees,  allow employees to share the results of corporate development  achieve common development. We welcome you who have both ability  political integrity to join us.

Work  hours:

The company implements a five-day eight-hour work system,8:30-11:40 am 13:10-18:00 pm

Five  social insurances  one housing fund:

In order to better relieve the worries of employees' life  provide employees with long-term life security, all employees are required to purchase five insurances  one gold according to national regulations, that is, employees enjoy pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work injury insurance  maternity insurance,  housing provident fund.

Paid annual leave:

The company strictly implements national laws  regulations to ensure that employees have the right to take vacations. In addition to enjoying paid holidays as stipulated by the state, statutory holidays such as public holidays, marriage leave,  maternity leave as stipulated by law, 5 day of paid annual leave can be enjoyed after one year of employment.

Birthday benefits:

Every month,the company holds a dinner party for employee's birthdays every month  provides birthday cakes  exquisite gifts. The company remembers the hard work of every employee  will accompany you in this unforgettable moment.

Other  wefare:

Comfortable working environment, fully air-conditioned office, internal promotion a priority, promotion  pay rise, working hours providing all-day snacks  coffee drinks, wealth of seasonal fruits. Every year, all employees are arranged to travel.




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