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Consumer electronics industry solutions

Consumer electronics industry solutions

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Consumer electronics industry solutions:

Consumer (category) electronics is relative to investment electronics mainly refers to electronic products purchased consumed by individuals, including mobile phones, MP3s, DVDs, CD Player ps2, etc. Consumer electronics have the following characteristics: fast replacement; targeted individual consumers, large shipments rapid growth; heavily influenced by media promotion, large advertising costs; concentrated in retail, chains, shopping malls, supermarkets , Specialty stores, hypermarkets; unit price is high, consumers do need to spend too much budget when buying.


China's consumer electronics industry has experienced many years of development, the market has undergone a lot of reshuffles, industry restructuring, sales channels have undergone tremendous changes, competition has become very fierce, the market has also matured, forming components accessories manufacturers, terminal products The large-scale industrial chain, including manufacturers, distributors, content providers, is one of the most competitive highly internationalized industries in China. The competition in the industry has been technical warfare, price war to service war.



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