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Large size glass solution

Large size glass solution

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Large size glass industry:

The automobile industry the glass industry belong to two different industries, the former belongs to the machinery manufacturing industry, the latter belongs to the light industry, but the perspective of the development of the automobile, the relationship between the two is getting closer closer. Glass technology has fully penetrated into the automotive industry has become an indispensable member in the field of automotive technology. Now, people always research develop automobile glass the perspective of automobile safety appearance, constantly introduce new varieties.


LED display panel (LED panel): It is a display method by controlling semiconductor light-emitting diodes. Its approximate appearance is composed of many usually red light-emitting diodes, which display characters by turning on off the lights. A display screen used to display various information such as text, graphics, images, animations, quotes, videos, video signals. Shenzhen is the origin of LED display R&D production.


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