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How to increase the service life of laser cutting equipment?

2019-11-18 09:32:41

1. It is necessary to ground the laser cutting machine

The advantages of the line connection are: a can ensure the normal operation of the laser power supply; B can extend the service life of the laser tube; C can prevent the external disturbance  causing system operation defects; prevent the circuit  accidentally burning due to high voltage discharge.

2. The water flow  the water tank to the laser tube should be kept clean. The laser tube generated by the heat taken away by the cooling water has a higher temperature,  the light output power is 15 to 20°C. When the water is cut, the tube end may burst  even damage the laser power supply due to the heat accumulated in the laser glass tube. Therefore, it is necessary to check the circulation of cooling water  turbid water at any time. When the water pipe is cut (dead bend)  dropped, it is necessary to repair in time to prevent damage to the equipment caused by the power failure. It is recommended to replace the pure water in the water tank every half month.

3. Cleaning  protection; outstanding ventilation; attention to the cleaning  maintenance of the machine at any time is a necessary condition for the normal operation of the machine. Dreaming about how a person's joints are  sensitive, how to move? Machine tool guides are also a core component of high precision. After each operation, it is necessary to clean the guide rail  keep it smooth  smooth. Each bearing also needs to be oiled on time, so that the transmission is sensitive, the processing accuracy is high,  the service life of the machine is extended.

Laser welding machine processing skills is an inductive skill that integrates laser skills, welding skills, automation skills, material skills, mechanical manufacturing skills  product design. It is reflected  only as a complete set of special equipment, but also as a supporting process.

The laser welding machine has high processing precision, fast production speed, good surface finish  beautiful appearance. Therefore, it is more applied to fine welding occupations such as glasses, hardware  electronics, jewelry, bathroom  kitchenware.



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