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How to deal with the problem of abnormal reset of metal laser cutting machine?

2019-11-18 09:31:44

  Laser cutting machine is a modern commonly used processing equipment,  there will always be some headaches during use, especially the abnormal reset of the laser cutting machine. This is also a problem that everyone is more concerned about. The following is a brief introduction to the solution to the abnormal reset of the laser cutting machine.

  How to solve the problem of abnormal reset?

  1. Check whether the sensor is stained with dust, poor contact  damaged (clean the dust on the sensor  replace it);

  2. Check whether the flexible conductive tape data cable is badly connected  damaged (trim the data cable  re-plug  replace the data cable);

  3. Check whether the ground wire contact is reliable  the high-voltage wire is damaged (re-ground  replace the high-voltage wire);

  4. Poor motor wire contact.

Fiber laser cutting machine

 Missing engraving of the laser cutting machine, the initialization is incorrect, the data has been sent (correction); the operation sequence is reversed (re-enter); static interference (check whether the ground wire is off); the cleaning edge is misaligned   closed, check whether the software parameter setting is correct ( Reset); The computer system is wrong (reinstall the operating system  software); Check whether the left  right belt tension is consistent  the back end belt is too loose (belt tightening); Check whether the belt  the synchronous wheel slips  skips teeth (tighten the synchronous wheel  Belt); check whether the beam is parallel (readjust the left  right belts).




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