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Six advantages of FPC laser cutting machine in sheet metal industry

2020-03-21 21:09:38

FPC laser cutting machine is a product of modern scientific development,  also a technological revolution of sheet metal processing,  has brought a revolutionary concept to sheet metal production  processing. Laser cutting technology  FPC  laser cutting machine equipment are being familiarly accepted by the majority of sheet metal processing enterprises,  gradually replace traditional sheet metal cutting equipment with its many advantages such as high processing efficiency, high processing accuracy, good cutting section quality,  three-dimensional cutting processing. (Mainly based on CNC equipment, including shearing machines, punching machines, flame cutting, plasma cutting, high-pressure water cutting  other traditional plate processing equipment). Laser processing technology has a very important position in the sheet metal processing technology, which improves the labor productivity of the sheet metal process  promotes the development of the sheet metal process. The high degree of flexibility of the laser cutting machine can greatly reduce the processing cycle, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, improve processing accuracy,  speed up product development. These advantages have been paid attention by many manufacturing companies.

The use of sheet metal laser cutting machine has the following six advantages:

1. High degree of laser cutting flexibility, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency,  short production cycle.

2. There is no cutting force in laser cutting  no deformation in processing;

3. No tool wear, good material adaptability, long effective life,

4. Whether it is simple  complex sheet metal parts, you can use laser to form a rapid  precise cutting;

5. The slit is narrow, the cutting quality is good, the degree of automation is high, the operation is simple, the labor intensity is low,  there is no pollution;

6. It can realize automatic cutting layout  nesting, which improves the material utilization rate, low production cost  good economic benefit.






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