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The difference between FPC laser cutting machine metal laser cutting machine

2020-03-21 21:18:33

When users search for laser cutting  processing equipment on the Internet , it is often  so easy to distinguish the role of various types of laser cutting machines , which is easy to form misunderstandings,  the price difference is also quite large, causing misunderstandings by customers. In fact, it is a laser cutting machine manufacturer. Significant loss, it is necessary to explain the difference between FPC laser cutting machine  metal laser cutting machine in popular terms.

Types of laser cutting machine

According to the wavelength band of the light source, it is commonly divided into far infrared laser, infrared laser, green laser, ultraviolet laser,  deep ultraviolet laser.

According to the working material of the light source, there are common CO2 lasers, fiber lasers, green lasers,  ultraviolet lasers.

The above two divisions are common classification modes on our market,  of course there are picosecond lasers, nanosecond lasers, femtosecond lasers, etc. according to frequency.

So how do we divide the FPC laser cutting machine, ultraviolet laser cutting machine , metal laser cutting, CO2 laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine , leather laser cutting machine?

In fact, in most cases, we divide according to the working material, band,  cutting material of the light source. For example, the fiber laser cutting machine is divided according to the working material,  it is also an infrared laser, which is a fiber laser commonly used in the market.

The division of FPC laser cutting machine

FPC laser cutting machine is also called FPC shape cutting machine in the market, in fact, according to customer habits, laser cutting machine manufacturers are divided according to materials. On the one hand, it is to facilitate customer differentiation, on the other hand, to form a brand protection, Used to distinguish various types of laser cutting machine products. For example, Topsilon's definition of the FPC laser cutting machine product name is the FPC shape ultraviolet laser cutting machine CF430UV-CF540, which means that the ultraviolet laser is used to cut the FPC shape,  the cutting width is two types: 400X300mm  500X400mm.



FPC laser cutting machines usually use UV lasers  CO2 lasers. In the early days, because UV lasers were expensive  had low power, basically CO2 lasers were used. With the development of technology, the price of UV lasers is getting cheaper  cheaper. , The power is getting higher  higher, the stability is getting better  better,  the carbonization degree of cutting is much better than that of CO2, so FPC laser cutting machine has been defined as a precision ultraviolet laser cutting machine in the current market.

Division of metal laser cutting machine

Metal laser cutting machine

Metal laser cutting machine mainly refers to carbon steel laser cutting machine, stainless steel laser cutting machine, aluminum alloy laser cutting machine  other products, which are also divided according to materials. The definition of metal laser cutting machine in the laser industry is high-power cutting, which generally refers to cutting machines above 500W. Currently, fiber laser cutting machines are mainly used in the market with power below 3000W,  CO2 laser cutting is mainly used above 4000W. Machine  disc laser cutting machine.

Differences between FPC laser cutting machine  metal laser cutting machine

As can be seen  the above, the essential difference between the FPC laser cutting machine  the metal laser cutting machine is the difference in materials. One is for FPC products in the field of electronics,  the other is metal processed parts. But  the perspective of laser technology, the difference between the two is more obvious.

1. The FPC laser cutting machine uses an ultraviolet laser, usually the power is 8-18W, the metal laser cutting machine usually refers to a high-power cutting machine above 500W;

2. Cutting width, due to different materials, the width of FPC laser cutting machine is usually within 600X600mm, the cutting width of metal laser cutting machine is mainly 2x3.15m,  even larger, the volume  weight of the two will be very different .

3. Cutting head, FPC laser cutting machine uses galvanometer cutting, metal laser cutting machine uses collimating lens focusing head,  the two requirements are different, usually FPC laser cutting machine requires precision,  requires cutting accuracy guarantee At 10 microns, the accuracy of the metal cutting machine is  so high, but the cutting speed  thickness are higher;

4. Some other important configurations, such as the FPC laser cutting machine is equipped with a CCD camera positioning system, which uses a linear motor to move, which requires high accuracy,  is equipped with an adsorption device to ensure accuracy. The metal laser cutting machine adopts the mechanical positioning mode of the servo motor,  the relative accuracy is low. The coaxial auxiliary gases such as nitrogen, oxygen,  air are used to help the cutting  blow off the slag.

The above are some of the main differences. In addition, there are some non-metal laser cutting machines, which mainly use low-power CO2 lasers. This type of light source can also cut FPC, but because the power is too small, it can only cut thin metals. Materials, the same UV laser cutting machine can also achieve the cutting  drilling of thin metals.

The above is the simple difference between FPC laser cutting machine  metal laser cutting machine, I hope it can be helpful to the majority of users  friends. At the same time, Yunteng Laser Technology is mainly engaged in FPC shape laser cutting machine manufacturers, mainly producing precision ultraviolet laser cutting machine products, friends need to consult at any time.






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