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What laser cutting equipment is used for FPC flexible board cutting?

2020-03-21 22:07:13

In the laser industry, our laser cutting equipment for cutting FPC products is called ultraviolet laser cutting machine , FPC shape laser cutting machine , fiber laser cutting machine etc.  there is no clear breakdown of customers, they are generally referred to as FPC laser machines,  some customers become FPC laser machines. In addition, the laser cutting of metal products is usually directly named after the type of laser, such as fiber laser cutting machine , YAG laser cutting machine, CO2 laser cutting machine, etc. This has caused some misunderstandings to some customers who are new to laser cutting equipment.

What laser cutting machine?

FPC soft board laser cutting

At present, the mainstream on the market is 10-20W ultraviolet laser cutting machine  low power 300W CO2 laser cutting machine. The high-end uses picosecond  even femtosecond laser cutting machine, but this is  used in 99% of cases. A variety of high-end equipment.

In addition, the working component FPC laser cutting machine is also different. One is the old-fashioned CO2 engraving machine for cutting FPC soft boards. The collimator lens is mainly used for processing leather, supplements, wood, plastics  other products, although there are some The product is equipped with a CCD positioning system, but in comparison, the accuracy is low  it is gradually eliminated.

The second type is a precision laser cutting machine with galvanometer  CCD positioning, which can be matched with ultraviolet laser, green laser  CO2 laser, depending on demand. Compared with the above, the processing accuracy is higher, mainly for the processing of precision products, such as FPC, camera module, glass, ceramics, silicon wafer, copper foil, film  other products.

In contrast, the difference between the FPC ultraviolet laser cutting machine  the FPC soft board CO2 laser cutting machine is that the processing accuracy of the two is that the light source of the ultraviolet laser cutting machine is a cold light source, the light spot is small,  the heat effect is small, while the light spot of the CO2 laser The thickness is large  the heat effect is large, so the cutting line width of the ultraviolet laser cutting machine is small,  there is no carbonization. However, due to the cost  power of ultraviolet lasers, the thickness of the processing is  as good as that of CO2 lasers, so CO2 lasers are usually used for thicker PCB boards.

The laser power of the green laser cutting machine is larger,  it is often used for PCB sub-boarding, cutting  glass drilling  cutting.

In summary, the  FPC soft board laser cutting machine is currently selected as the ultraviolet laser cutting machine on the market, using a galvanometer plus CCD positioning method, small spot, small cutting line width, small thermal impact,  no burrs. CCD positioning  imported straight line clicks ensure the processing accuracy. The stable marble platform can ensure the stability during the processing. This is unmatched by CO2 engraving  cutting equipment. Of course, this equipment is also much cheaper than the ultraviolet laser cutting machine.





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