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Can you know why you cant buy a used laser cutting machine?

2020-03-21 23:07:37

Second-hand laser cutting machines are used by predecessors. Because of special circumstances, the laser cutting machines thatneed to be resold arecalled second-hand laser cutting machines. It loses the functions that new laser cutting machines should have. Therefore,most laser cutting machine manufacturers do  support them. Repurchase  sale of used laser cutting machines. The analysis of specific reasons has several major points.


    1. The recovered second-hand laser cutting machine is  likely to be its own brand of equipment. Generally, manufacturers with strong brand strength do  choose to recover non-own brand laser cutting machines. This also results in the top-notch process of second-hand laser cutting machines.

   2. By the side of the used second-hand laser cutting machine, it is  a thorough understanding of the working process of the previous user for the application, nor can it fully understand the working status of this equipment, but it can also form many hidden elements in the internal equipment. , This has thoroughly achieved the risks of this second-hand laser cutting machine.

   3. The price difference between a brand new laser cutting machine  a used  laser cutting machine is  very obvious. If you can  plan to buy a used laser cutting machine, why  buy a brand new one at such a small price?  the new laser cutting machine has a good guarantee,  a perfect after-sales team, why  do it?





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