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CNC cutting machine operators quickly improve the operation level?

2020-03-21 23:27:42

Many people who have just been engaged in the operation of CNC cutting machines have  been exposed to mechanical processing  programming. Some operators have previously been engaged in the operation of general manual machine tools  semi-automatic machine tools. They are very familiar with mechanical processing but relatively unfamiliar with CNC programming. ; There are also students who have just graduated  mechanical colleges, who are relatively familiar with the theory of mechanical processing knowledge  programming, but lack the actual processing operation experience.

   It is very important for beginner CNC machine tool operators to master certain machine tool operation skills. Try to avoid collisions that cause damage to the machine tool. The following Wuhan Huayucheng CNC introduces some operating skills  theoretical knowledge about CNC machine tools to those who have just learned the operation of CNC cutting machines:

   First of all, the operator must have a comprehensive understanding of CNC machine tools. Understand the mechanical structure of the machine tool; grasp the distribution of the machine tool shaft system; firmly remember the positive  negative directions of each axis of the machine tool; grasp the function of each component of the machine tool; in addition, master the principle  function of each auxiliary component of the machine tool, such as cooling system, voltage stability The function  use method of the compressor, radiator of electrical cabinet  other units.

   Master the functions of each operation button on the CNC cutting machine: such as executing the program, pausing the program, resuming the program after the pause  stopping the program. Understand what kind of configuration of the control system of the CNC cutting machine: what language the system uses  the software used for programming. If the operators do  understand some professional vocabulary, then they need to undergo professional training. Careful notes should be taken during the training,  they must be firmly grasped to use the machine tool correctly in the future. In addition, the operator should also learn the alarm  error codes of the system, know the alarm  error instructions  how to solve the problem,  eliminate the alarm.


Proficient in controlling the movement of each CNC axis of the CNC cutting machine,  skilled in manual  automatic operation. In the event of a collision  sudden failure, the operator should form a conditioned reflex  take braking measures decisively. In addition, the operator should be very familiar with the machining procedures commonly used in CNC machine tools; what kind of procedures  what actions will occur when operating the machine tool. Therefore, when executing the program, you can know whether the machine tool movement is correct at a time. For most people who have just come into contact with CNC cutting machines, there is more  less fear. They are afraid of hitting the knife  hitting the machine. Only after the operator has mastered the operation of the CNC machine tool can they overcome this kind of fear  then learn.  master higher CNC cutting machine operation skills.

   For the programming of CNC cutting programs, it is necessary to train  learn the operations of drawing parts, cutting compensation, lead-in  lead-out settings. Most CNC cutting machines are equipped with programming  simulation software,  beginners can program  simulate the cutting trajectory of the cutting machine on the computer.

   In the actual cutting process, we must carefully prepare for it, carefully check the drawings, confirm the workpiece to be processed  the accuracy tolerance,  then edit the processing program. Prepare the tools  measuring instruments required for processing.



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