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Yunteng Laser Technology explains the safety precautions for operating sapphire laser cutting machine

2020-03-21 23:38:44

The sapphire laser cutting machine forms a certain beam under the control of the computer through the conversion of energy to cut the processed parts. During the operation of the laser cutting machine, master certain basic safety knowledge. Once a safety failure occurs, the loss will be effectively reduced. .

1. Before starting the machine, the basic accessories of the equipment  the safety of the surrounding environment should be checked. Only after everything is normal can the machine be turned on. It is strictly forbidden to store flammable  explosive materials around the laser cutting machine, so as to avoid unnecessary danger caused by sparks generated during cutting. After the operation is completed, clean the equipment in time to maintain a good working environment.

2. The person who operates the laser cutting machine must be trained, familiar with the working process  composition structure of the equipment,  wear the armor according to the regulations. Those who watch the laser beam for a long time need to wear protective glasses.

3. High temperature  electric leakage should be avoided around the gas cylinder of auxiliary gas. The fire extinguisher should be placed within easy reach. Once the equipment is found to be abnormal during the operation process, the power should be turned off immediately. It is strictly prohibited without troubleshooting. Start working again.

4. During the operation of the equipment, it is strictly forbidden for the operator to leave the work position. Observe the operation of the equipment during work to avoid the cutting machine  going out of the effective formation

5. Non-professional technicians are strictly prohibited  disassembling  disassembling the laser cutting machine at random. If the equipment fails, a professional technician should be responsible for troubleshooting.



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