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How to use the glass cutter?

2020-06-05 16:01:20

 When we use the glass cutting machine , we must check the glass to be cut in advance. We can’t have white spots  scratches on the appearance of the glass. Only after the most basic conditions are passed, can we mass produce it. Moreover, the measurement time must be measured by the front row anyway. When necessary, a full inspection is also required. When lifting the glass, ensure that the glass itself has no cracks. This prevents the glass  actively cracking during the lifting. . Let's take a look at how to use the glass cutting machine.


 1. Fill the oil tank on the cutting beam with clean kerosene  cutting aid before cutting,  then adjust the corresponding angle on the oil tank to fill the knife box linoleum with kerosene  cutting aid.

 2. Check the appearance of the glass cut by the waiter without white spots  scratches.

 3. Promote the longitudinal beams,  then push the lateral beams back to prevent them  bumping into each other.

 4. Before the glass cutting machine is turned on, check whether the machine pipeline has air leakage,  never open the air leakage.

 5. Turn on the power switch to check whether there are obstacles on the working surface  the guide rail. If there are obstacles, it is necessary to remove them.

 6. The two people will lift the glass to be cut onto the cutting table, which will absorb strong  prevent trembling. Before lifting the glass, it is necessary to admit that the glass to be lifted is free of cracks, to prevent the phenomenon of active separation of the glass during lifting.

 7. Press the blow button of the glass cutter to make the glass float on the table  move freely.

 8. After positioning the glass, press the stop button,  then press the suction device to fix the glass firmly in the specified orientation to achieve the positioning effect.

 9. When the incision is completed, press the stop button,  then press the blow switch.

 10. When the cut glass is translated to the flap table, turn on the blower motor of the flap table before translation. After the first piece is recognized as qualified, it can be mass-produced. When measuring, the first row is used as the measurement target for full inspection when necessary.

 11. Divide the small pieces according to the knife marks anyway,  place the remaining materials in the designated position. Place the small stack of glass behind the flaps on the glass shelf.

 12. Before shutting down, close all air valves  release the remaining gas in the air path. If there is a flashback in the pipeline, the power  gas shall be cut off immediately.

 13. Clean the glass fragments on the cutting table  flap table with a cloth.

 The tools used in glass cutting machines for processing glass generally use diamond grinding heads,  the cooperative spindle rotates at high speed. Grinding rather than cutting is the practice during processing. Cooperate with special grinding head, can complete the opening, slotting, one-time up  down chamfering of ultra-thin glass, precise cutting of shaped glass, shape processing, chamfering, etc., the error can be controlled within ±0.02~±0.05mm,  The edge of the glass is  easy to collapse  break. You can refer to this method during operation,  hope to help everyone.





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