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Automatic camera module cutting  mounting Equipment

Automatic camera module cutting mounting Equipment

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  • Release date:2020-07-30 14:17:05
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Product name: Automatic camera module cutting  mounting Equipment

Product model introduction:

This equipment is suitable for cutting the soft  hard boards of the camera module. This equipment is deeply developed for the camera module industry  fits the development trend of the industry. It effectively increases the output while reducing labor costs to the greatest extent. It is a substitute for the sub-board in  tradition of the camera module industry.



Processing advantages:

a. High precision;

b. High efficiency;   

c. Integration, integration of cutting  attaching functions;  

d. Fully automatic process to avoid manual contact  improve consistency;

Technical Parameters

Laser wavelength  power


Beam quality


Scan range  


Galvanometer scanning speed   


Cutting accuracy


Platform repeat positioning accuracy


cooling method

 Water cooling

Ambient temperature/humidity   

22±2℃/30-60% without condensation

Machine power consumption


Stand-alone size


1584931687192628.png  1584931699178844.png


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