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High-precision laser cutting Equipment

High-precision laser cutting Equipment

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  • Release date:2020-07-30 14:14:45
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Product name: High-precision laser cutting Equipment

Product introduction:The equipment has stable performance, low power consumption,  a wide range of cutting adaptation products; compact structure, simple  easy-to-understand software operation, good man-machine interface, equipment with correction system; high-precision CCD vision system, high cutting accuracy, The equipment is equipped with imported lasers, with good beam quality, stable performance, long life,  low maintenance costs.

Processing advantage: 3C industry in mobile phone industry.

Processing advantages:

a. The equipment adopts UV355 nanosecond ultraviolet laser generator, which can realize the laser cutting function of pcb, FPC, camera module, fingerprint module, VCM, BGA, precision ceramics  other products;

b. According to different product models, change different jigs so that the equipment can meet a variety of product applications;

c. The equipment has the function of parameter debugging  storage.

Technical Parameters

Laser wavelength  power


Beam quality


Laser safety Class

 Class IV

Scanning  Area  

100mm*100mm customizable

Scanning speed of galvanometer   


 Processing accuracy


Platform Repetition Accuracy


cooling Mode

 Water cooling


22±2℃/30-60% no condensation

Power Consumption




1584931598123491.png 1584931612621167.png



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