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Automatic double-head SD card laser cutting Equipment

Automatic double-head SD card laser cutting Equipment

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  • Release date:2020-07-30 11:50:15
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Product name:Automatic double-head SD card laser cutting Equipment

The equipment is fully automatic equipment customized for Micro SD card; it can realize the functions of automatic feeding, testing, cutting,  unloading of products of different processes. The equipment has a small footprint, stable performance, low power consumption  compact structure. , The software operation is simple  easy to understand, has a good man-machine interface, the equipment comes with a correction system; high-precision CCD vision system, high cutting accuracy, equipment is equipped with imported lasers, good beam quality, stable performance, long life, low maintenance costs.

Application areas: Semiconductor industry.    

Processing advantages:

a.The equipment adopts UV532 nanosecond green laser generator, which can realize the laser cutting function of Micro SD card products;

b. The cutting efficiency is fast,  the product cutting section effect is good;

c. The equipment can choose stacked loading  unloading  magazine loading  unloading modes according to the customer's front  back processes;

d. The equipment has the function of parameter debugging  storage.


Technical Parameters

Laser wavelength532nm
Beam quality<1.3
Laser safety Class    Class  IV

Scanning  Area  



Galvanometer scanning speed    <9000mm/s
Precision ±0.02mm
Platform repeat positioning accuracy±0.0025mm

Cooling Mode

 Water cooling

Operating Temperature Environment   

Humidity requirements40%-60%
 power consumption<4.0kw


 1.8m * 1.8m * 1.9m     



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