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   Shenzhen Inte Laser Technology CO.,LTD is a specially automatic high-precision laser application manufacturers, integrating R & D, production, sales  after-sales high-tech enterprises. At present, Inte Laser has many invention patents , utility model patents  computer software copyright.

   Inte Laser adhere to technology first, the constant pursuit of technological innovation,  more  R&D team members are senior laser engineers, senior experts, master  other components , which is professionally serviced for automatic high-precision laser cutting, drilling,marking,scribing,etching,micro-soldering,equipment research  development.

   Inte laser develops the production of double-head cover film laser cutting equipment, wafer laser marking equipment, PCB /FPC laser cutting/drilling/marking equipment, glass/sapphire laser drilling equipment、glass/sapphire/filter laser cutting equipment、Full display laser precision cutting equipment、double-head SD card laser cutting equipment、camera fingerprint module LASER cutting mounting equipment, . We have gotten many famous enterprises’ good reputation.





   Inte Laser believe that quality is the basis for development , which apply advanced scientific assembly process, high-precision testing instruments  equipment, strict  stringent inspection standards ,ensure the quality of equipment, so that we can provide automation, high-precision, high efficiency , high index, high stability of the products.


   Inte Laser has a good marketing  technical support system. In China's eastern  southern, Inte Laser has professional sales, after-sales outlets, to guarantee customers using Inte Laser’ Products satisfied.











Shenzhen Inte Laser Technology CO.,Ltd.


Add:Add:2F,B Building,jingang Technology Park, Fuyong Street Bridge ommunity,Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China.  

Add:Huifeng seven Road No. 2, Zhong Kai Hi-tech Zone, Huizhou City.

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