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Automatic laser marking equipment

Automatic laser marking equipment

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  • Release date:2020-07-29 16:07:57
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Product name: Automatic Laser Marking Equipment

Product introduction: 

1. This equipment is mainly used in the marking, drilling,  removal of Mark points of defective products on flexible circuit boards. 

 2. This equipment can intelligently identify defective products  complete the marking of defective products (drilling, marking).


Processing advantages:

1.Using nanosecond ultraviolet laser can achieve high efficiency cutting;

2.Fully automatic loading  unloading  turning mechanism  double table structure design can save labor  improve efficiency;

3.It can intelligently identify defective products  complete marking of defective products(Drilling、Marking)

Technical Parameters 

  1. Laser type

3W (355nm) nanoseconds

  1.  Output power


  1. Maximum processing size

2*250*500mm (customizable)

  1. Dimensions

1.65m * 1.45m * 1.85m

  1. Temperature Environment/Humidity

22±2℃/ 30-60% without condensation

  1.  Repetition Accuracy

±5 microns

  1. Repeatability

±2.5 microns

  1. Weight

1.6 T



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