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Explain the specific process manufacturer of special-shaped glass cutting machine!

2020-03-21 17:31:39

How special-shaped glass cutting machine works

    With the development of society, ordinary shaped glass can no longer meet people's needs, a large amount of shaped glass comes into our sight,  manually cut shaped glass can no longer meet the needs of size, so the shaped glass cutting machine  should be Health. So how does a profiled glass cutter work? Jinan Tengyu Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. works with you to understand the working principle of profiled glass cutting machine.

Shaped glass cutting machine parts:

1. Table: Use waterproof board.

2. Rack/rail: imported products are used for high-precision linear movement in X  Y directions.

3. Cutter wheel: Made in Germany, important cutting parts, install glass cutting head.

4. Countertop: It is full of air holes,  the surface is floating,  a black pad is used.

5. Knife holder: pneumatic, adjustable head pressure, suitable for glass cutting with different thickness  strength, to achieve better cutting effect.

6. Conveying device: air-floating workbench, which is convenient for moving glass  reducing the workload of staff.

7. Transmission system: Adopt Japanese AC servo system, the equipment is reliable, without deviation  high efficiency.

8. Cutter seat: adopts pneumatic type, the cutter head rotates 360 degrees  cuts up  down. It can cut glass of any shape, straight line, round  irregular shape to ensure that there is no difficulty in cutting glass.

9. Oil supply method: automatic oil filling device, which can adjust the oil pressure.

10. Positioning device: dual mechanical positioning  laser scanning positioning system (after the positioning of the mechanical positioning block is completed, the glass can be initially positioned,  the laser scanning can accurately scan the position of the glass to improve the cutting accuracy of the glass  the template scanning is considered).

The special-shaped glass cutting machine has the above-mentioned composition,  they work together to cut out the perfect shaped glass. The cutter of the special-shaped glass cutting machine is usually a diamond grinding head,  its spindle speed is 24000~40,000 RPM, which rotates at high speed. With a special grinding head, it can realize the opening, slotting, chamfering up  down, precision cutting, shape processing, chamfering, etc. of ultra-thin glass,  the error is controlled within ±0. 02 ~ + 0.  the edge of the glass is  easy to collapse  damage. According to the designed fixture, continuous mass production of products is realized. The working principle of special-shaped glass cutting machine is introduced here for you, I hope the above content will help you.





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